Outsourced I.T.

Technology support for everyone
On Call Support

Like having an in-house I.T. department. We are there for all of your day-to-day tech issues. From onboarding and off-boarding user accounts to general I.T. problems we are ready to help. On call support is available for any size business and for both contract and hourly partners. Our goal is to respond to and resolve I.T. issues so that you don’t have to. Check out the multiple ways to get in touch from our service portal. On call support is available both onsite and remotely.


Sleep soundly knowing that your data is safe. Can you afford to lose email records, business data, or customer information? We tailor our backup solutions to fit your needs. We’ll monitor, maintain, and backup your systems daily to reduce and mitigate external and internal threats, hardware failures, fire, theft, and anything else that can harm your data. Backups are one of our favorite services to offer and discuss. Give us a call to discuss how to keep your data safe and create high availability redundancy to get your business running faster than you thought was possible.

Remote Support

Not every issue requires a dedicated technician onsite. Remote support is instant and affordable. Our clients benefit from our enterprise grade remote software that allows us to fix devices as if we are in front of them without disturbing the end user. Remote support is just another way we leverage technology to keep your business running in the most efficient way possible.


We want our clients to say, ”It just works“. That starts with a comprehensive security plan. From viruses and ransomware to data leaks and phishing emails, we work with you to reduce points of attack and keep your workstations running without interruption. Chat with us to learn how to utilize network defenses to keep your employees from visiting and becoming infected by malicious web pages.

Can you benefit from managed services?

Do you let technology issues go unaddressed because you do not want to pay your break/fix providers their hourly rate? The benefit of using managed services is that everything is included. All inclusive support, predictable flat monthly billing, 24/7 monitoring, and much more are included.

If you feel like you’re behind the competition or not getting enough out of your current I.T. provider then you may be ready for a change.

Read more about the benefits of choosing LogicLab as your managed service provider.


Small Business Experts

You want a partner and not a reactive service provider who will nickel and dime your business for issues that are preventable. We understand one of the most important things is communication and transparency; we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate ideas and solutions with our partners. We leverage our knowledge gained from servicing many businesses to help improve your business. You want your I.T. to ”just work“ and that’s what we do. Grow your business utilizing technology and keep I.T. cost manageable and predictable.

Office 365 & Google Apps

Take the confusion out of the cloud. We are well versed in Office 365 and Google apps. We are able to assist with administration, management, migrations, and troubleshooting. If you are looking to move your business to cloud then we are happy to answer questions and offer guidance on what options fit your organization the best. We want to set our partners up for success and enjoy consulting on how to utilize technology such as cloud hosted email to get there.



If you do not know what the term ransomware means then consider yourself lucky. If you are familiar with the term then you know the costly impact it can have on your business. Ransomware is a form of digital extortion because it encrypts and locks your data thus preventing you and your business from running while demanding payment to unlock it. You can eliminate the risk of ransomware by utilizing our managed services and proper backups. We love outsmarting the bad guys. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss the risk and our process of risk elimination. Click below to read our post on the definition of ransomware and how it impacts small businesses.

Moving in the right direction

Technology is always advancing and so are we. That's why choosing LogicLab will keep your business future proof. 

More than a job, technology is our life. We live and breathe technology and are lifelong learners. We stay on top of latest trends and filter through the gimmicks. We consult with our customers on their technology pain points and future roadmaps. We work with our customers to utilize technology to streamline and grow their business.

Make I.T. issues a thing of the past. Get ahead and stay ahead with the right technology and process.

Other Services

Cloud IT

Hosted Apps, Email, and Websites. Just a few of the cloud services we offer.

Cloud IT

Take to the cloud with confidence.

IT Infrastructure

Wifi, Voice, and IT Projects.

IT Infrastructure

Tackle IT Projects with LogicLab.


We do things different. 


We go the extra mile. LogicPerks always included.


Do I need managed services for your support?

No! We offer our great services to anyone. While we believe that managed services provided better results for our customers we understand that not everyone is ready or needs them. We offer standard rates for Onsite & Remote support as well as consulting or one-time projects. 

Do you offer discounted rates?

Yes! We have discounts for pre-purchased block hours. 

What are signs it's time to move on from my current provider?


  • It may not be obvious at first but here are some signs it may be time to reconsider your current IT provider relationship.


      1. Reactive: I feel like I only hear from them when there’s a problem. I’m always the one having to ask for new recommendations and options.
      2. Bare minimum: I’m stuck in a long-term contract and the service is awful. They seem to be doing the bare minimum to maximize profit.
      3. Repetitive: They keep fixing the same problem over and over again without ever getting to the root of the issue.
      4. They dont get it:  Their technician doesn’t seem to have relevant experience for my unique business goals. I feel like we’re going in circles or the solution doesn’t fit my needs.
      5. Unexpected Fees: I’m getting nickel and dimed every time I need support. In order to get what I thought I had contracted, I end up paying double.
      6. I’m Not Even Sure What They’re Doing: There is no transparency into the work that is being done. They don’t even give me a monthly report!

What are the benefits of LogicLab Managed Services?

    1. Proactive and consistent coverage with guaranteed SLAs
    2. A dedicated and qualified team of experts to monitor, track and repair any IT challenge – on a 24x7x365 basis
    3. Proactive IT strategy and roadmap development to support your business goals
    4. Proven tools and implementation of industry best practices to ensure high performance availability and reliability
    5. A stable, secure and adaptable infrastructure with a reduced frequency of preventable IT failures
    6. Cost-effective, flexible support options right-sized to fit your IT needs
    7. Predictable, fixed fee pricing and no long-term contracts

Complementary team of experts for a fraction of the cost of internal IT

How to get started with managed services?

Clients often first consider managed services after some type of painful event occurs – unexpected outage, IT staff turnover, etc. The process starts with a discussion around business requirements and pain points and the gaps that need to be filled. LogicLab then develops a customized solution that meets the immediate need and provides a comprehensive plan for transitioning support to our team. The goal is to minimize risk and ensure service continuity to the users and business operations.

How can managed services help with my business demands?

Not only will we intimately know your environment, we’ll invest to understand your business goals. We’ll then develop a strategic roadmap that identifies the solutions, including estimated budget and dependencies that will ensure that those goals are met and position the company for future growth.

Is there a long-term contract?

We focused on delivering the highest value of service and support to our clients. Our contracts include 30-day cancellation which has resulted in a win-win for our clients. We’re able to more easily adapt to the changing needs of services over time and our team is incentivized every month to provide the best service and support possible.