Infrastructure Solutions

Tackle IT projects with LogicLab
  • Migrations & Upgrades

    One less thing to worry about. Know that major upgrades and migrations will be completed without issue. Don't let the fear of updating critical software keep you business behind. 

  • Device Management

    Take complete control of your inventory using the latest MDM solutions. Don't allow sensitive data to leak or be stolen from remote employees. 

  • Projects

    Plan your next I.T. project with us from the beginning to ensure success. If you are stuck or stalled on a current project we are ready to help get you back on track. 

Projects and Infrastructure

With the pace that technology changes these days, IT projects are inevitable – hardware will need to be replaced, applications will need to be upgraded, automation opportunities will emerge and new technology will be involved, etc.

Make sure your next project is successful. From planning to execution we'll work together to meet your business objectives.


Just some of the infrastructure IT solutions we provide...

Project Management
Server Installs & Upgrades
Printer management
Domain Upgrades
Disaster Recovery
Network Monitoring
Remote Access Projects
Backup & Recovery

Wireless Access

Provide high-speed wireless access to your employees and customers throughout your business. Keep visitors on their own separate guest network and secure your employee network to keep your data safe. Get the most out of your internet by using high speed access points that we remotely support and managed minimizing downtime (this doesn’t make sense to me— what are you saying?. Both small and large networks we seamlessly integrate to our WiFi solution. This will provide your business speed and availability to those on your network.


Do not let a slow and aging network become the bottleneck of your I.T. infrastructure. Our clients trust us to implement and manage firewalls, branch office setups, remote access projects, domain upgrades and more. If its on your network we support it. If your experiencing slowness on your network or suspect that something may be amiss get in touch with us to setup a free network audit to discover the pain points and possible solutions.



We partner with local VOIP services to bring the best VOIP experience to your business. Features include call groups, voicemail, direct dial numbers, auto attendants & more. Contact us to discuss upgrading to voice over internet.

The Backbone of your Business

Bad or improperly configured infrastructure can be severely limiting to your business. 

You may have the latest software, but you could still be bottlenecked by an underperforming network. If you are using many cloud applications or rely heavily on file transfers then having a resilient network can make all of the difference.

Don't settle for a slow network. Contact us for a free network audit to identify where improvements can be made.

Other Services

Cloud IT

Hosted Apps, Email, and Websites. Just a few of the cloud services we offer. 

Cloud IT

Take to the cloud with confidence.

Outsourced IT

Help Desk and Managed Services. 

Outsourced IT

Like having an in house IT department.


We do things different. 


We go the extra mile. LogicPerks always included.