Cloud Solutions

Take to the cloud with confidence
  • Business Continuity

    Our Business Continuity Solutions provide secure backup and recovery to ensure your customers and users can get back to work.

  • Hybrid Options

    In combination with on-premise server systems we leverage the benefits of offsite computing while maintaining critical security and speed onsite.

  • Secure

    All data backed up is secured using best in class encryption and is always served over protected connections. 

Cloud IT Services

We support a wide range of cloud services as well as offering our own infrastructure for your business cloud needs. We partner with both Microsoft and Google to deliver hosted email solutions for businesses of all sizes. Using our own locally available servers we are able to offer offsite backups with lightning fast recovery and restores and hosted applications with high availability.

Read more below about some of the cloud services we offer or get in touch with us to discuss how cloud options can help your business.


Just some of the cloud IT solutions we provide...

Hosted Email
Hosted Applications
Virtual Desktops
Website Design & Hosting
Virtual Private Servers
Backup & Recovery
Offsite Business Continuity
Remote Workers
Virtual Private Networks

Cloud Hosted Apps

Leverage the availability and redundancy of hosted LOB apps. Depending on your environment you may benefit from moving your LOB programs from a costly onsite server to managed cloud infrastructure. Give us a call to schedule a consultation to see if this is the right move for your business. Our goal is to keep your software running without issue and we have developed a robust solution to meet that goal. We’re happy to discuss the positives and negatives of utilizing not just generic cloud services, but also our local and highly redundant LogicCloud services.

Disaster Recovery

Backups are a small part of the equation. Ask your current provider how quickly they can have your data restored… the answer may surprise you. Often times business come to a standstill when data cannot be restored or accessed. Our comprehensive backup solutions keep your data available for near instant restoration. We utilize industry standard best practices with data redundancy both onsite and offsite locally along with geographically redundant offsite copies. We are passionate about backups and recovery and stand strongly behind our solutions and methodology. If you cannot afford data loss or downtime schedule a time to discuss with us our available solutions.

Website Development

Grow your business by appealing to your clients and potential customers through an effective and attractive website. With mobile market share increasing, we develop mobile first and set your website up for success through fast load times and efficient UX design. We handle everything from copywriting and hosting to SEO. We take pride in understanding your business and translating your image and goals to an online presence.

What is the cloud?

The ”cloud“ is simply another person’s server. You gain the power and resiliency of that larger infrastructure when you are utilizing the cloud. When using the cloud, you are transferring upgrades and hardware maintenance to the provider.

There are many factors to weigh when deciding if using the cloud is the right step for your business. While it may be beneficial for some, it may bring risk to others. We want to bring you the best computing experience and will help decide if the move is right for your situation.

Contact us if your considering making the move to the cloud. 

Other Services

Outsourced IT

Help Desk and Managed Services.

Outsourced IT

Like having an in house IT department.

IT Infrastructure

Wifi, Voice, and IT Projects.

IT Infrastructure

Tackle IT Projects with LogicLab.


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